Opening up the not-so-dusty library of GARMENT 2019, our independent fashion magazine. There, we find some pearls of the past. Commencing in 2016, the magazine celebrating one garment at a time is still here to inspire you online.
Welcome to Garment, your editorial wardrobe.


GARMENT - 2018

They say if the suit fits, wear it. Garment The (mis)suit issue wonders, does it have to? We’d like to set some rules, of which the most important one is: There are no rules. We believe there is no better metaphor to reflect the current state of the fashion industry as the suit. That’s why Garment is here to inspire you to choose for yourself how to (mis)suit into society.

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Then there was Madam Jeanette. The hottest, spiciest fashion editorial brand on the market (again – so far!). This rebel in the list decided to redefine the capital F of fashion with their playful and often outspoken content.



Tiger Dragon Slayers from the Underworld must have been the boldest, most outstanding and largest magazine AMFI has made (so far!). The magazine looks beyond the mainstream and highlights all the outstanding fashion, intriguing people and outrageous ideas in the creative industry.

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MINT - 2009

Mint magazine focuses on the personal stories and relationships that people have with their clothing. Rather than following trends, it conveys the emotions and memories woven into garments. It is a playful exploration that seeks to personify fashion and give a voice to the clothing to tell the stories that are woven in. Illustrations, quirky fashion images and new talents, all go to support the honest and unusual atmosphere of Mint. Fashion to be felt.

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I'AMFI - 2006

The third edition of I’AMFI is edgy, confronting and might make you frown once or twice.

GARMENT - 2017

The fourteenth edition of AMFI’s independent magazines brought back Garment into life. Last year was all about stretching fashion’s limits. Tights are used for their metaphorical as well as literal meaning. Rip, tear, scrunch, whatever you do: just throw out the fashion rule book.

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In 2015, AMFI decided to leave print magazine for what it is and instead explored a different way of fashion publishing. The online platform We Are Stuart served thought provoking content and challenged the fashion system. An ideal place to go to for the fashion curious.


ODD - 2010

Ever heard of the idea that you are just six handshakes away from Obama? Odd Magazine explores six connections between seven people's lives and styles, based on the six degrees of separation
theory. Also - this was the first AMFI magazine with an iPad version and a huge online presence.



Your Biggest BANG magazine takes the art of up-cycling to a higher level. The magazine has a new approach on art/design, fashion and music with a clean and clear design, intriguing images and straightforward texts. Your Biggest BANG magazine is based on the fact that every ending is a new beginning.

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I'AMFI - 2005

This edition of I’AMFI explores the boundaries of fashion. It’s critical towards the fashion industry yet the love for fashion is reflected in the photo productions.

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GARMENT - 2013

The first issue of Garment was born by the tagline 'your editorial wardrobe'. It added some highly needed depth in a world that seemed to be all about snack sized information and entertainment. Fun fact: we've never seen as many skirts in an AMFI magazine as in Garment 2013.


MONDAZE - 2014

Our parents used to be bored because they had nothing to do. We are bored because we have too many things to do. Yet we are not absorbing a single of it. Mondaze explores the five stages of the bored mind, relieving the reader from whichever state they may be in.


ANT - 2011

ANT Magazine responded to the financial crisis at the time with a happy, creative celebration of personal passion in a world of recession. Creative talent and their slightly neurotic urge for creating are being examined. This magazine is to be enjoyed with a good amount of absurdity.

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GOUD - 2007

In 2007 the program was extended from 10 to 20 weeks. Students who were competing during the first half, became colleagues in the second half – all working on the same magazine brand. GOUD magazine (Gold magazine) was a bilingual magazine aimed at young creatives, providing them with an edifying articles, inspiration and a possible platform to network.

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I'AMFI - 2004

The first AMFI magazine ever produced, used AMFI’s characteristic as mainstays for the magazine to guide the reader through personality of the school.