Let's introsuit: Our sponsor!

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Lemonaid is a beverage brand from Hamburg and their drinks are not only delish AF but serve a good cause!

These are already two things we love, let us tell you more about them!

With the motto #drinkinghelps they want to participate in the process of social change. For each bottle you buy, they donate 5 bottles to the charitable organisation Lemonaid & ChariTea e.V. By doing this, they already raised more than one million euros for social projects based in regions where their ingredients are grown. Such as an agricultural school in San Juan, a technical institute in Sri Lanka or a solar project in South Africa.

Next to that, Lemonaid’s ingredients are all fair-trade and come from small certified farming cooperatives. Each year they travel to the growing regions and meet their farmers face-to-face to learn about their living and working conditions. That’s what we call true dedication to good causes.

Lemonaid is a non-for-profit charity that wants to help people to help themselves. They believe that most problems in developing countries can only be overcome if local people can be autonomously involved. Instead of merely selling for their own profit, they support local projects that fund political, economic and cultural participation.

Thank you, Lemonaid, for your support and for not leaving us thirsty on our events.

Wanna get a taste of Lemonaid whilst enjoying Garment’s [mis]suit issue? Come join the 22nd and 28th of June and clink your Lemonaid bottles with us!


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