Previously on Garment Season 3


Text / Celia Freiling

Wondering what we did before we gave birth to our Garment-baby? Well, we worked our asses off producing 6 potential Garment issues in just 3 (!) weeks. Since we don’t want to forget about all the work we put into these magazines we decided to share them with you. Let us first introduce:



The 'Tracksuit' - issue

Nostalgia is our drug of choice, and in the fashion world, it’s possible to get a fix from literally anywhere. But it’s easy to get caught up in the clusterfuck that is 'old school‘, which is why we’re here to break it down a little with the most iconic retro garment there is: the tracksuit. We are here to fulfill your wildest fantasies. We’re here to let you play with limits, and try a little ‘ugly‘ on for size. The best feeling is to push the boundaries and not giving a shit what other people think and we hope to inspire you to do the same.












Missuizt (1).jpg

The ‘[mis]suit’ - issue

The word ‘suit’ existed before the suit as a piece of clothing was introduced. It is a word rich in definitions. One claiming ‘suit’ to be something that’s right for a particular person or situation. Which brings us back to times when the suit’s shape used to be so accurate it radiated individuality and power, while now it became the uniform of ordinariness - flattened down by mass production. Our suit mis-suits our body and our personality. 
In this issue of Garment, we’ll bring back the suit to its original meaning and explore how we can take back our individuality in a world full of generalisation. 











The ‘Archive' - issue

Have we lost the intimate and durable relation with our fashion items? In this issue we want to take the reader through an informative and inspiring journey of the past, present and future of the suit, all collected in an archive. Archiving will be a keyword for this magazine. We want Garment Magazine to be used as a timeless source of inspiration you can keep coming back to. We wish to contribute to the importance of archiving as we believe that clothes from the past can really be current today and even tomorrow.











The ‘GRMNT’ - issue

You don’t need to be working in fashion anymore to know what is going on. All it takes is an Instagram account and a bunch of influencers to follow – copy/paste their look, and voila: you are a fashionista. But are you really? That's what GRMNT is questioning in a witty but informing way. Because who says it's not possible to take fashion seriously, while at the same time poking fun at it (and your own behaviour within)?













The ‘Does Society Suit Us?’ - issue

How do we suit into society? What makes us stand out of the crowd? Do we specifically choose for one way or another? Or will there always be a need for both differentiation and collectivism? ‘Garment’ will look at the world from two perspectives. Do we alter ourselves to society, or does society alter itself to us? Within this Garment we chose to merge counterparts and create a totally new, innovative collaboration. This is not a magazine to just read, relax and forget. We want to be thought provoking, intellectually stimulating and visually arresting.












The ‘Lab’ - issue

Today, defining your personal identity can be questionable. Rather than simply being yourself, modern society leaves your surrounding influences more impressionable than ever. For individuals, oneself can become lost in essence. This uncertainty poses the question, what does it mean to channel your true identity? This fashion lab was created to grant you with the resources necessary to experiment with your alter- ego. A lab that not only serves as a fashion resource, but to also highlight the importance of self- acceptance and your alternative self.                 




Believe us, this year’s decision was a hard one and a real neck-and-neck race. But in the end we had to make a choice. And tadaa it’s a gir.. the [mis]suit!
We went for the concept that enabled us to take bits and pieces from all the other magazines. Enough info to fill [mis]suit's pages with amazing content for you to read.
Due to the expected parturition, we are happy to invite you to the baby shower on the 28th of June - don’t miss it!