[mis]suited photoshoot: Careful Curation

titel careful curation.png

If you’re a true Garment follower, which of course you are, you know what went on before Garment 2018 went into production. Unfortunately, there were many shoots of our previous work that didn’t make the final cut. They would have simply [mis]suited in the magazine you’ll be holding from the 28th of June onwards. However, it would be a shame to completely kill our darlings; we’re all about [mis]suiting, after all.

[mis]suit - careful curation 1.jpg
[mis]suit - careful curation 2.jpg
[mis]suit - careful curation 3.jpg

“Keep your garments close, keep your darlings closer”. This motto I live by as a hoarder. I layer my suits, choosing one is out of the question and would be wasteful. I like to keep my beloved pieces close to my body ensuring I do not lose anything. Outside I have no control, but in here, it is safe.

[mis]suit - careful curation 4.jpg
[mis]suit - careful curation 7.jpg

Photographer / Frederique Peckelsen

MUAH / Jiali Bao

Model / Esmee Majoor

Styling, Art Direction / Blanca Heise, Christina Jentoft, Eva Busschers


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