Let's Suit Up





Interview / Celia Marie Freiling, Images / Lorenz Kort

In order to fill Garment’s pages with beautiful suits, we had to make sure our models were dressed in the right clothes. And since we’re a fashion school with many talented students, we thought: why not feature one of our very own designers?
Meet Ysatis Haumahu and Iris van Wees, read about their design philosophy and find out why the suit is a magical fashion item for them.

When was the first time you wore a suit?

We have to take you back to the time when we were little and both secretly sneaked into our parents’ bedrooms to enter the unreachable world of the grownups. Inside the big closets we found endless possibilities to dress up, using all the oversized garments of our parents. We tried on the heels of our mums and danced silently in the room, but the big suits of our dads were the best. Using our imagination we could be who we wanted to be, in their big jackets we had the power to do everything.

If you were a suit, what kind of suit would you be?

We would be a suit with endless possibilities to wear, it would never look the same. The suit would surprise you every time you wear it and would bring a big smile on everybody's face when seeing it. It would have hidden details, that would only be seen once you really get to know it.

What’s your opinion on the rising popularity of the suit?

It’s a great and logical reaction on the changing mindset of the world we are living in. The old ways of the suit when it used to be focused on status and the male gender are passé. The suit nowadays shows independence, power and gender fluidity. We think its rising popularity is very interesting as it shows how the meaning of a common piece of clothing can change by being placed in various contexts and situations. It almost makes the suit a magical fashion item.





Can you tell us something about the design that’s featured in the magazine

We both started working on our own collection, but during the process we found some interesting shared subjects we wanted to combine in one collection. Our aim was to create a new way of designing, free of all the unwritten rules that dominate the fashion industry. Suits played a big role in our collection as we used a variety of second hand ones and gave them a new purpose. We love to put common details such as pockets or a collars into a new context that gives the design a different meaning. With the design featured in the magazine we played with the 2D elements of these details and challenged the perception of the observer.

What does [mis]suiting mean to you?

Nothing actually. We think clothing can be worn in endless possibilities, that’s why we don’t really want to believe in [mis]suiting. We try to work without rules and don’t set ourselves any boundaries in order to keep our creative freedom. We think that you can wear everything the way you want to wear it, as long as you stay true to yourself. But maybe we believe too much in fairytales.

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