Is the suit suitable for clubbing?

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Text / Jesse Walenkamp, Edited / Emma Wendt

As a signifier of professionalism, the suit seems to [mis]suit with the freedom of club culture; claiming that it brings you back to the corporate world. However, we believe that the line between business and clubbing has become blurred. And here’s why.

The bass of a techno track bounces through the speakers. Flashing lights show a glimpse of sweaty and barely dressed bodies. In this crowded place, filled with freedom and self-expression there’s a romantic ideal that says, ‘Don’t think about tomorrow, for tomorrow you will be back at your desk’. That desk is placed in a keyboard-ticking-ever-so-noisy space, filled with people dressed in monotone grey flannel suits.

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At first hand, club and corporate culture might seem like opposites. To no one’s surprise, a grey haired banker in a pinstripe suit feels kind of misplaced when standing amidst a vibrant and expressive nightclub. But after talking to Kjell de Meersman, a student from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, my image of the suit has taken a drastic U-turn. ‘Feeling my torso stick to the lining of a blazer on the dance floor can be a big turn on for me and others’, expresses Kjell. And he’s right, the suit can actually become a part of the vibrant sweaty club.   

For those who still believe that business and clubbing should be kept separate, we get it. The traditional suit may not be the most revealing and sexy outfit you were looking to wear on a night out. But what if we would deconstruct and detach the suit from its original meaning? The following three designers, including Kjell de Meersman, show us how they merged traditional tailoring with club culture to transform the suit into a bold night-piece.

It’s like Kjell says, ‘A suit can be attractive, but only if it’s the right suit for the right guy’.

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