Damn girl, that was a celebration!

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Text / Karlijn Bekkernens, Photography / The art of Ama

On June 28, we celebrated the launch of the latest Garment magazine in the ByAmfi store Amsterdam. We welcomed you into our very own-built [mis]suited world to finally have a drink (or two? ... three? I lost count...) on our success!

During the day, we were extremely busy arranging last minute details and making the space party-ready. But the point of no return came at 5pm; the doors opened and within minutes there was a full crowd enjoying drinks of Galipette Cidre and Lemonaid. Around 6.30pm, our lovely Editor in Chief, Emma Chase (who looked beautiful in pink, if I may say so), opened the event with some welcoming words and the well deserved thank-you-round.

Because to every single soul reading this text and taking the time to visit our website we want to say: Thank You. We are so grateful you came along on this journey with us and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Gosh, so emotional. Now that I’m being sentimental anyways, its a good time to mention that we handed over our first issue of Garment’s [mis]suit edition to our coaches, Frank Wijlens and Petra Boers. Signed by the whole team of course, to make it a special collector’s item.

What happened after that? We basically talked, drank and danced the night away (thanks Gijs Kuijsters aka Ò menino for your funky tunes!). And we know, “pics or it didn’t happen”, so there you go, thanks to the photography skills of The art of Ama we can all relive the evening in a very Instagram-worthy way.


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If you weren’t there (where were you??), let me just give you a quick update on what you missed. We had an exciting mirror room where you could not only snap away some good selfies, but you could also see our awesome concept video: A week in the life of a [mis]suit. And if you hadn’t pre-ordered the magazine already, you could still get your copy -plus some nice stickers and bookmarks- during the event.

Still not in possession of one of our magazines? Fair enough, the pre-orders were crazy. But no need to worry! You can still take a fast run to bookstore Athenaeum, also located at Spui in Amsterdam, to get your hands on one of our fabulous magazines. Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and the website to keep yourself updated on how Garment will continue.


In short, we’re incredibly proud to announce that the magazine is officially out and available to buy! Yay! Oh, and if you’re looking for us in the coming days – we’re to be found outside, in the sun, reading Garment. And so should you!

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