[mis]suiting while being suited up

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Text / Justine van Bauwel

Going from a professional cycle racer to designing made-to-measure suits is a career-change that most people might frown upon. Little does Thomas op de Beeck, owner of Tod-B Tailoring, care; he literally [mis]suited into society by making some life changing decisions. 

Ever since he was a child, Thomas dreamt of turning his passion for sports into a professional career. He decided to quit high school in order to fully focus on the career he always wanted. ‘It really felt like a dream coming true’, Thomas says. Until the moment that something terrible happened. Thomas became sick and his body was unable to keep up with the high level of cycle racing. Everything he accomplished in his career, disappeared in no time. 

For so many years his whole life was focused on becoming an athlete, ‘I woke up with cycling and went to bed with cycling, it was like my entire life fell apart’, Thomas says. Luckily, his love for fashion is just as big


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as his love for sports. This helped him to accept the fact that he was never going to be a professional athlete again. At that moment, Thomas worked out several interesting concepts, of which one was Tod-B Tailoring. 

With his great Italian sense of style and incredibly refined suits, Thomas managed to establish a very interesting brand. Only a few months after he launched his label, he opened his first store in Herentals, a small town in Belgium. As the brand became successful, Thomas decided to open a second store in the heart of Antwerp; both completely run by himself. 

Life hasn’t always been easy for Thomas, but he decided to take [mis]suiting to his advantage. He is always on the lookout for new and innovative concepts in order to offer his clients the best quality made-to-measure suits. And of course, he does so whilst being suited up

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