This is Kate Boiko, an AMFI Fashion and Design student who is currently doing her internship at Vivienne Westwood. We asked Kate about her featured design in Garment, the Underwear Issue and her opinion on underwear. 

1. What is the background behind the your creative designs that are featured in Garment 2019, the Underwear Issue?

“The designs Garment featured in the Underwear Issue is from my collection which is all about the war in the east of my home country Ukraine. I created deliberately uncomfortable clothing to allow the wearer to feel the pain of the surrounded people and hopefully people will become more empathetic and compassionate about this situation.”

2.  If you were a piece of underwear? What kind of underwear would you be?

“I would be a bra. As it the closest garment to the most beautiful part of the woman’s body.”

Photo: Katrina Cervoni

Photo: Katrina Cervoni

Photo: Katrina Cervoni

Photo: Katrina Cervoni

3. Describe one fantasy world you wished you could visit as a kid?

“I was always a fan of the Disney cartoons. So I would probably go for a fantasy world like the little mermaid, so I would be able to swim around all day long.”

4. Do you think that underwear can be a tool for expression and fantasy?

“I think underwear is a tool for creative and mostly sexual expression.”

5. If you weren’t a fashion designer what would you be?

“I would still be in a creative area for sure. I think I would go for something like an art designer of creative director.”

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