This is Renee Kraaijvanger, a talented Artez fashion design graduate. We asked Renee about her featured designs in Garment, the Underwear Issue and her opinion on underwear.

1. Can you tell us a bit more about your creative designs that are featured in Garment 2019, the Underwear Issue?

“My collection stands for my fantasy future self. Thus it is about me living a glamorous life with a lot of colours, animal prints and diamonds. And plenty of time of course, to play with my king’s poodle George.”

2.   If you were a piece of underwear? What kind of underwear would you be?

“I would be a thong with a fluorescent green leopard print combined with details of lace.”

Photo: Jessica Nap

Photo: Jessica Nap

3. Describe one fantasy world you wished you could visit as a kid?

“My fantasy world would be a glamorous world full of pink poodles.

I would love to bring them all to the trim saloon so I could have a pedicure with them and of course with my most special one, George.”

4. Do you think that underwear can be a tool for expression and fantasy?

“Yes, I think that with the right underwear people can feel very confident. And in my opinion confident people are also better in expressing themselves.”

5. If you weren’t a fashion designer what would you be?

“Haha, my back up plan was always to start my own snackbar. So I would stick to that plan, for sure.”

Photo: Peter Stichter

Photo: Peter Stichter

Photo: Peter Stichter

Photo: Peter Stichter

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