This is Gina Slager, a talented fashion designer from Amsterdam. We asked Gina about her featured designs in Garment, the Underwear Issue and her opinion on underwear.

1. Can you tell us a bit more about your creative designs that are featured in Garment 2019, the Underwear Issue?

“To differentiate myself as a fashion designer, I started using the knotting technique ‘Macrame’ on my designs. This technique was trending in the 70’s and was used to make plant and wall decorations.

The black ‘Macrame’ top was an item of my first collection named Esiankiki-Morran, which means Young Maiden-Warrior. This collection was inspired by the Maasai neckless where all the used colors have a different meaning.  For instance, the color black symbolises the struggles people are dealing with. What is not directly visible in the shoot are the lights that have been installed in the background.The lights will give these people an inspiring and positive feeling. The red light stands for the values ‘Bravery and Strength’ and the green light for ‘Health’. 

I designed the neon yellow ‘Macrame’ strapless bra, short and transparant dress for an exhibition named ‘I Am Who I Am’. This exhibition is about not being afraid of who you are. It shows you that everyone has their own path to walk.”

2.  If you were a piece of underwear? What kind of underwear would you be?

“Easy! A lace bodysuit. That is the sexiest underwear for a woman to wear.”

“It shows you that everyone has their own path to walk.”

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-05 om 13.15.53.png

3. Describe one fantasy world you wished you could visit as a kid?

“Oehhhh, well I have to say… There must be at least two unicorns in my fantasy world. And I would be transported by a pegasus.  Everyone is happy, laughing and dancing. There are only positive vibes allowed.  A world full of LOVE.

Last but not least. If you want food, you have to imagine the food you want. You clap your hands and it will be in front of you within a second.” 

4. Do you think that underwear can be a tool for expression and fantasy?

“Underwear is already a tool for expression and fantasy. But most of time it’s only thought of within the bedroom. As a fashion designer I noticed that women can be prudish about their body. Personally, I think this is a pity. Be confident about who you are because no one is the same. OWN IT,  OWN YOU.”

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