Over ten years and almost sixteen magazines later, the minor programme Fashion & Editorial Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute is still up and running. About 35 students each year get the unique opportunity to create an independent fashion magazine from scratch. Something they’ve always wanted to have, but could never find.

Stage 1 10 weeks, 6 groups and 6 printed magazines later. A jury of publishing professionals chooses the most promising concept that will form the basis for the new AMFI magazine. A magazine that will eventually be published and sold in selected stores – possibly throughout the world (‘dream big’ is our motto).

Stage 2 – 10 weeks, 1 group and 1 printed magazine later. The 6 groups have become colleagues, and part of a new magazine company. A company that -besides print- will also create a cross-media translation of the brand, gain brand awareness through PR and think about ways to market and sell their ‘baby’.

Sleepless nights, long days of brainstorming, but above all: a mix of many talented creatives come together to enjoy the experience of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Welcome to AMFI, reality school at heart.

Interested? For more information, see Kiesopmaat or HvA